Thursday, April 7, 2011

a girlie ministry begins

yesterday was incredibly fun.

my boys were back in school from their
spring break and a different bunch of school kids here 
were getting out for theirs. 

i nabbed a bored girl and 
we ate, laughed, took photos and planned
a ministry on Youtube.

the two of us like to watch a certain 
girl on Youtube who recently had
lots of girls open up to her about their
problems and worries. 

i'm talking about thousands and thousands of girls.
it would have been nice to have multiple counselors there.

while i am not one (or maybe i am? i am 49 and have been 
a raising three...maybe i do have something to ear if nothing else), i care...deeply care
about kids, including the ones i don't know. 

being a little bit nutty helps too, i think LOL
for the girls to maybe identify with me?
not so authoritarian...someone to laugh with 
and be understood by? 

so i had an idea for us to start a channel
and be encouragers. 
we will do giveaways and we will be nothing but positive...
guiding situations with bible examples....
how to handle a bully or a lie told about you...
low self-esteem, etc, etc. 

maybe they'll check in with us after
school to see what shenanigans we 
are into and have a laugh and feel some love.

we began our video recordings yesterday by telling
some of our own hardships....
nikki had to get braces put back on after having
them off a year...and felt the ache of a 
best friend moving far away.

i think the girls will see themselves in some 
discussions we have, and know...
it isn't just them that is going through 
these things and that they aren't alone.

some girls these days have their "dukes" up, 
ready to fight at the drop of a hat...
it is alarming!
they also will use the dreaded F word
as if it was "the" "and" or "but"!!
Ouch my eyes and ears!

we are gonna show another side of the
coin...the loving side. 
pray for us if you will...i haven't decided whether to give you
the link just yet...
i'm not tickled with how i look or sound
(that old satan is trying to keep me from succeeding)