Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sassy antiques...

i snagged a rusty OLD wire 
bottle or drink carrier
i love the way the sides look like a little
i haven't been able to find one like it online
which i was trying to do so i could 
decide on it's value and list it on etsy...
well....i listed it...twice and removed it twice. 
(can't let it go!) 

i don't have bottles to go in but i had 
found these spools of thread this week 
and wanted you to see them as well.
they'll get listed eventually...

are you talking to me?

oh, you're talking about how yesterday i said 
that i was kind of buying and styling 
things like anthropologie stores. 

well...yeah, what would they do? 
maybe put colored bottles in the carrier? 

oh me...
let us ask the visitors...

Tell me girls! 
How do I style my carrier? 
What would you do?