Thursday, March 31, 2011

Anthro-esque apology

...actually i'm not sorry in the least!

when i've gone in goodwill lately,
 i've been channeling anthropologie,
which makes me
want to buy things and stage things to see if i can recreate 
their scene. 
you dig what i'm saying? 

i have major plans to make my flea market booth
and quite possibly my etsy 
appear anthro-esque. 
bring some of that big city to the small town. 
we have a couple of twenty-somethings running 
our local flea now.
they have lived in L.A. for awhile and
are pretty much on the cutting edge
of what is modern 
in the most respectful vintage way.
i'm excited! 
they are planning a day of "antiques in the sun" 
soon with vendors in our flea mkt. parking lot. 

i can't believe people pay twenty-four hard
earned dollars for an embroidered tea towel.
my pristine one was under a dollar. 
now when i wipe spaghetti sauce up,
i won't feel quite as sick over it. 

the wicker plates, i thought would be SO
cute with a vintage embroidered cloth in each,  
a nice sandwich and a friend for lunch. 

the sandwich, not the friend. 

and those shoes? do you like them?
not my size. 
don't worry, they will find feet in the end. 
BRAND NEW...three dollars is what i paid.

don't worry about in kentucky, 
they say you don't need shoes atall ;)

i got these wee dice from an etsy
seller in france who told me...
a new road had been built,
a prison torn down,
the dice were back to the
early 1800's and would have been made
by prisoners out of the mutton bones 
from their supper! 
the dots were done with charcoal!
i'm so smitten!!!

i have given my three brothers all
a pair. 
i understand you shouldn't bet money 
using them LOL as they are not
uniform enough to give a good roll!

the composer, not the architect. 
and that is all i have to say about that. 

1) have you been in an anthro
2) did you buy anything?
3) what are you wearing...Ha!