Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A pretty country girl

children on spring break 
and beautiful weather 
make this photographer 
very happy!

we took 179 photos today and i don't remember
having so much fun!
kids today are waaaay smarter
than i was in the sixties.
you heard right, the sixties. 
DON'T leave! 

she talked about Ernest Hemingway. 
"you know about Hemingway?" I asked her.
"yes, he had polydactyls"
"noooo, cats with six toes"
I had just read about those cats
and Hemingway the day before and was
interested. He died the year before I was born, 
yet I was just learning of those six-toed cats.

she is an animal lover and can speak 
about cats, dogs, chickens and rabbits
like a pro. 

she wanted me to ask a woman near the 
river if we could get in one of her canoes. 
i told her we don't get in canoes with strangers. 

i knew a few things she didn't. 

she said she felt sorry for me because
i've never had a pedicure. 
she gets them so often she
said they didn't even charge her this week.
i told her she was high-maintenance
and that 
none of my boys could marry her. 
and i hid my toes.

just kidding, i had shoes on. 

and i hope one of my boys will marry her.
i believe in early betrothal. 

if she keeps hauling things in buckets, 
she oughta make a good wife. 
and she's pretty easy on the eyes, 
isn't she?