Thursday, March 17, 2011

Green Day

Happy St. Patrick's y'all!

I thought I'd show you my oldest son's room because
it is green :)
He doesn't have opinions much on how his room
gets you would notice by the jeans
strewn about before I picked them up...
but I want his room to be like a 
gentleman's quarters...kind of classic...
not so much "teenage hangout". 
He just turned 17 and I'm bracing for 
the empty nest with already aching heart...
you see...he was born yesterday ;)

He has just started piano lessons and
practices on this donated keyboard 
that I plopped onto a library table 
snagged for $40 at an auction 
awhile back. 

The clock which I LOVE belonged to 
my son's grandmother...the hat has a label 
from a hat shop in this wee town 
where we live. 
Our wee town had a hat shop?
That. is. weird. 
And the old map I trimmed to fit this old 
Africa and Europe. 
I never learned much geography in school...I really need 
to stare at it daily and learn myself a few things...

I was going to hang a deer skull with antlers,
but my boy stopped me there. 
I had stepped over the boundary. 
When he leaves for college you say? 
Hehe ;)