Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tagged 7 random facts

Paige from my most favorite shop in Clarksville, Tn...
tagged me with the 7 random things meme. 
I grabbed 7 of my photos to elaborate on :) 

1) I'm the mother of 3 boys.
I wanted girls but God knew better what to give us...I am SO glad I got them instead of girls! 
I also have 3 brothers and 6 nephews. 
I do have a niece... who is carrying twin boys....
poor girl has no names left to choose from. 

2) We have a large farm which we don't farm. 
We planted trees instead. 
The forestry service planned it....and paid for half of it.

There are 100,000  trees. 

3) These are my four little projects down the road.
There is no vehicle or driver in their family 
and I take them to the doctor and dentist. 
I get fed some awesome meals when I do. 

4) My daddy made this birdhouse.
We lost him in '98 to cancer of the esophagus. 
I miss him soooo much. 
He was an antique toy collector
and made lots of things in our garage...
he was my real life Geppetto. 

5) Awww. This friend I met in college. 
(me on the right..ugh)
She was my matron-of-honor 22 years ago. 
She reminds me so much of Sarah Palin 
and she and her husband frequent Alaska 
on hunting and fishing trips. 
She is an optician with two grown children.
I can still remember hunting their 
pacifiers when they tossed them and wailed
on several road trips. 

6) I submitted this photo (without the words)
to a Nashville t.v. station and it was aired 
several times a day for 3 days. 
My 83 year old mother was so thrilled
to see it each time. 
The little cars are from my Daddy's collection of toys.

7) Like many of you...I am a francophile. 
I want to go to France and love french things...
from pastries to music to old stone houses...
linens with monograms...
saying words like "aujour'dui"
and wearing ballet flats.

Now you know...
the REST of the story ;)

OH! New online magazine looks good! 
Surroundings go see :)