Saturday, March 12, 2011

in my sunny neck of the woods

hello friend! 

flea find of the week!
this monogrammed silver plate
pitcher was the only thing
in the whole joint...six bucks...
i made out like a bandit, huh?!

i am interested in hotel silver but don't
know enough about it yet to invest. 

don't all good bloggers photograph the food 
they make? 
i didn't get to eat this banana pudding, 
made the old fashioned way with a
double boiler...
it was a donation. 
life isn't always fair! 

our new puppy, Maya!
i see on blogs everywhere that 
strays are hanging around making people ask...
do we keep it or not? 
she is a joy but i had 
forgotten how they chew and drag things
all over the yard! 

we are experiencing the MOST 
wonderful weather day in existence.
we have paid high dollars in the past to 
get to a climate like this. 

we have six new chicks. 
they are adorable. 

we call these yellow beauties "buttercups"
these are the wild ones you find at old farmsteads
but i do have a garden of the bought ones 
from Breck's...they really multiply and bloom
with no assistance which is nice :) 

time to get the porch done, cleaned, planted, etc.
i always intend to spend my summer on the porch...
but then...
the heat sets in and the humidity
and takes the romance out of my plans! 
i go cower in the house and play like it is winter.

we have plans for a new grill 
(i am the griller is it at your house?)