Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I Heart You *giveaway*

i can bearly stand it! 
one of you will win these three pillows~
made by me from pretty scraps! 

in the comments ...if you'd like to win...
tell a Valentine memory. 
it can be a funny one, embarrassing one or whatever! 
(keep it little boy will judge :) 
he'll make his decision on Saturday morning and 
the winner will be announced then. 

~Be a valentine to someone who might feel 
forgotten this Saturday~

you'll receive a blessing!

throw a posy in the snowsy
(or print mine off since we're giving things away...)
BUT take it to a shut-in ...
and say "you are awesome" 
while you're there. 

*patiently waiting here for my goosedown 
featherbed to arrive* 
does anyone else sleep on one? 
are you making something sweet for the weekend?
have fun!
thanks for being here :)