Friday, February 4, 2011

Blissity motivation, Off the couch series

from the bowels of the basement...
signs of a former pink addiction.
today was my day to paint things black. 
(i used chalkboard paint)

 a wee chest with drawers was first on the list:

ahhh...much better, don't you think? 
now if I was Miss Mustard Seed  , 
I'd do something incredible with these pieces. 

Marian is a genius when it comes to restyling furniture. 
I want to be just like her when/if I grow up!

second piece was a little table purchased for a dollar this 
past summer. 
cute little stack-up, huh? 

an antique toy cash register struts it's stuff 
alongside a wee flag for the photo.

it is SO hard not to keep everything and there are 
several places in my home that this set would work,
as well as ways I could change it up or use each
piece on the porch for parties, etc. 
they will be going to my flea market booth for sale. 
that is all I got painted today...i had to go learn Quick Books today...
i guess you see the wee cabinet that didn't get done up top...
it will have to wait.

I'll take my camera to the flea mkt. so you can see my booth. 
check back if you want to take a gander!
(where on earth did that phrase come from?)