Thursday, January 20, 2011

*winter bliss*

color me happy! 
guess some shoes are in order today :)

my sweet daddy made the cabin by hand.

two feet, you say?

(maybe 4 inches by tonight)

neighbors will come for sure...the door will 
open and close a thousand times and 
drippy boots and wet jeans will 
be dried over and over...
as snowball fights are
won and lost!

if your neighborhood looks this way, drive safely!
and take lots of photos
i want to see 'em!

What to do with $700

via neiman marcus

maybe the decimal is in the wrong place?

i just was searching for some cute ballet flats...
when i saw these and the price i thought i'd go 
see what else you might do with $700.

*she got eyelashes (who knew?)

or grow some food 

~don't have any land? try this:


i'm quite content with my eyelashes and i got some new ballet flats (unused ) at a thrift shop yesterday for $2. 
i'm smitten with the truck garden... but we are blessed with a large
if and when $700 comes my way, i suppose i should plant the garden...

what would you do?