Monday, January 17, 2011

Galvanized with Ruffles!

linking with Mosaic Monday

how happy was i to find this unusual
galvanized tray with a handle and fluted edge?!!!
ruffles are in, right?

five dollars is what i paid at
my favorite sanford and son junque shop.

i think it is an oil change pan for a tractor.
it has Hudson written on it. 
for me it will probably hold poinsettias at 
Christmas and chrysanthemums in the fall.

i have had this crumbling map piece 
for a century...and an old frame to fit it
but no glass...
fifteen dollars later *ouch...i'm a cheapskate*
it has glass...i wish it was bubbled old glass.
now...where to hang it is the issue. 
i stink at geography and honestly need to 
study it so i'll have a clue where some of these
places are! 
the large white chippy wooden box,
i got a few weeks ago and keep picturing it
filled with pink roses as i've seen
in some magazine article (do you happen to know the one?)
it was on a dining room table under a chandelier.

below are pics of a piece of transferware
i found this week.
i'm hoping an expert will drop by and 
give me an appraisal :) and hopefully the
name of the pattern. 

Now to tell you of something fun tomorrow and all Tuesdays!
will be hosting a sales event for all of us to join called 
The Bloggers Bodega. 
Come play :)