Monday, January 10, 2011

The house that banana bread built

Photo by Kim Taylor aka Mimi Charmante 

Isn't this new home in progress wonderful?
Kim's mom, Barb has baked enough Banana Bread
and sold it to pay for what you see.
What a selfless example of LOVE for some helpless
children in Africa with HIV.

She has my attention. 

Kim says, "The first thing I would like to share with you this year is a project my mom is very dedicated to. It holds a huge place in her heart after her visit to Africa last year. She fell in love with the people there and felt that it was within her power to do something for the orphans that she met. With the contacts that she made on that trip, they have started to build Jaaja Barb’s Home of Angels. My mother makes dozens of loaves of banana bread each week, which she sells to raise money for this project. She collects donations, as well as does presentations on the progress as well as the plans and hopes for what this home will become. Children are already being brought in – children who live their lives foraging in local dumps for food. I have shared some of the photos that she has sent me, the progress that is being made, and the children they hope to help.
While there are endless organizations like this out there, this one means something to me because of how much it means to my mom. I would like to start a paypal account for the specific use of raising money for her to bring this dream to fruition. I would love to visit Jaaja Barb’s Home of Angels myself one day – I also hope to send my boys as they get older, so that they can see first-hand what caring and dedication can do for someone far away who may have had no chance of a future were it not for the love of others. Can you imagine if we all were to give $5 – the cost of a grande latte – to something like this? We all have the ability to make a difference – the question is, will we?"


Anyone who has done something this incredible needs all the support we can give.
 Mrs. Barb you are a hero for God!  (Jaaja means grandma she tells me).

I'll brag too on the work of Edwin the 22 year old builder! What a talent he has and how faithful he is! Hello Edwin! :) God bless you!

Today should be a wonderful day for photography for many of us :) 


our coop at 6:30 this a.m.
the chickens stay toasty 
in the warm glow of the red lamp~