Thursday, January 6, 2011

Trees, Cranberries, Ivory and Unfried Chicken

i love the many straight rows!

have i ever told you that we live on a 
tree farm? 

we live on a tree farm. 
some future generation can cut the trees and
sell them for timber.
lucky lazy people. 
unless they get off the couch 
and cut them down, 
in which case they won't be lazy
at all! 
plant trees if you have property!  
i understand if you plant when your baby is born...
and i can't remember the amount 
of trees...maybe an acre?
the timber will pay for 
your child's college.
the little stick trees only cost
twenty-two cents each! 
we have all the hardwoods as well
as cypress which grows in the low, wet areas. 

as if we needed it!
well i saw the recipe on a blog 
for cranberry almond streusel cake
and had the ingredients and the rest 
is history...although...
i forgot the streusel topping...
which would have been on the bottom
since i put the batter in a bundt pan :/
We have a winner! 
marcy at antiquechase you won my giveaway :)

lastly i want to send you to the blog of my middle son
~Kentucky Unfried Chicken~
i'm a little bit proud!