Monday, January 3, 2011

and that's the buzz GIVEAWAY

my mother calls it getting a "bee in your bonnet" when
you have an idea, especially about something you want 
and it keeps nagging at you.
i have a bee in my bonnet
we have a tight kitchen space
(a galley kitchen)
and have inherited some special 
dishes and things we are sentimental about. 
display/storage like this would be okay in 
the family room, right?
this color looks gray but the website
says it is sage. 
either way, even white or black i'd love. 
tell me...does this hutch do anything for you?
i think it would be so fun to "dress" each season. 

Etsy shop advertisement
don't hate me :)
i have a cute new sign :)

                                                                  a couple of finds :

leave a comment for a drawing
on wednesday.
i have this mirror and little box to giveaway :)
they are ivory i think? or bakelite? 
thanks for being here!