Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A gypsy and a ???

nobody knows HOW exactly i got my husband
to participate in this nutty holiday....
we just know that it happened and 
we are grateful. 
maybe he wanted to partake of the incredible
spread of food our friends displayed.

or simply to date this gypsy girl who was 
getting into his car.

well, they made some memories!

i so loved being a gypsy...
it would be fun to dress that way 
for good! 
my stockings were that same blue. 

did you see some funny sights over the
fill me in! 


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Phyllis:
What enormous fun you both appear to be having here, and what courage to dress in such a way as to raise, we imagine, a few eyebrows. Shall we next hear of you on the road in a caravan?!!

Lori Anderson said...

Love some gypsy jewelry!

Kathleen Grace said...

Alas, you had far more fun than we did. I worked and, since we never get trick or treaters (too far from the other houses) we just snuggled in and fell asleep in front of the tv. Because we're 102 and that's a thrilling night for us, lol. I would have preferred to be a gypsy. Why didn't your hubby go as Mr. Gypsy?

see you there! said...

You make a cute couple. Even though you'd like to dress as a gypsy I'll be your hubby was glad to get that wig off, LOL!


Lea said...

You're one adorable Gypsychick! lol
And that was someHAIR yourguy was modeling! haha Match made in heaven FOR SURE! FUNNY SIGHTS... well, when I drove to town Monday morning I saw two clowns driving down the road. Bozo hair, big red noses n all. It was... EXTRAordinary and made me chuckle. ;)

Glenys said...

Haha you are such a good sport! I would wear anything like that. My holiday has stared btw. :)

Barb said...

Hi Phyllis...wow I found your blog. I finally get to meet you and your hubby...Thanks for supporting us in all these blogs I am seeing here. Thanks for your huge heart and loving the underdog...Your little ones talk about you often. They love you.....so do Edwin and I. Now I have to figure out how to join this.