Friday, October 14, 2011

Blue Lily Photo

precious, no? 

this was done at the salt flats in Utah.
this couple of photographers (with children :) travel and can possibly be found in your area!
here is what their "about" says:

We are Wendy and Tyler. We like to take pictures, meet new people, travel, and play. One day, we thought, “Heck, why not make a business of it.” Our goal is capturing personality, not just a smile. Don’t get us wrong, we are rather fond of smiling/ watching people smile.
We photograph weddings, events and portraits. Our philosophy is that if you are having a good time, you will look fantastic in your pictures. We have photographed a lot of people enjoying themselves.
We have made a lot of good friends taking pictures. We would love to befriend you too. Please have a look at our blog, and when you are done, jump over to Blue Lily Photography  .

Untitled from angie monson on Vimeo.

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no spring chicken said...

Wow, this is so impressive! I LOVE it!!!

Blessings, Debbie