Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Parts of my home are clean

and presentable...
thought i'd share some areas
of our home today...
i have added a few things
from my aunt and uncle's.
she (my aunt) is well (thank you) and 
living in a new condo
(how strange!)
it is adorable and clean. 
she discovered her neighbor 
is a cousin of sorts
and the lady brings my aunt
meals which is not a problem 
at all! 
her name is Nello ...
and she isn't too mello...
she'll talk your ear off... :/

you know how i would trade these things all back 
to have my uncle! 
although *giggle* he would be 
just OVERJOYED seeing it all here in
it's new place. 
we were instructed more than a thousand times 
NOT to part with anything...
(oh please don't look into my living room and hallway...what to do, what to do...)
you guys would have enjoyed him. 
he never met a stranger!!!! 
he could talk on many subjects,
trains and the circus was his obsession. 
Charles played the organ in 
the same church for 56 years!!!

blue delft/mirrored shelf
with old tin ship toy on top
my uncle kept every toy, valentine, 
receipt, box, gift wrap, 
article of clothing...(you are getting my drift)
HOARDER wasn't a word back then, 
i don't think. 

one pane of glass fell out in transit...
my uncle's old bear peeks thru

i've seen all of your many incredible
spaces that you blog from and create in...
see my laptop? 
well, my lap is my "office" and I'm 
sitting in my husband's recliner :)
SHHH!!! don't tell him ;)

no, i'm very spoiled and thankful for this room, this house,
this chair....talked to my mother this a.m.
about how we think we must change our sheets 
weekly or it is a shame ,etc. etc.
but there are more people in the world who 
have never HAD sheets nor a bed to put them on than those who 
our ideas are skewed because  we are blessed.
that's all. 

ninety years ago my uncle had a high chair.
i'll bet he was a doll sitting there eating...
probably tied in place with a floursack.
little rosy cheeks 
thinking about how he'd have six 
awesome nieces and nephews 
who'd treasure his chair someday. 
silly boy. 

~~~~off to stash some stuff...send boxes, please~~~


see you there! said...

Treasures all! Of course that delft tiled mirror/shelf caught my eye.

Box stuff up and save it for your boys. Someday their wives with thank you. My Grandson's never paid much attention to old family stuff my their wives (my GrandGirls) are thrilled to get even the tiniest bit.


Martina said...

Love these pretty plates on the wall up there! Evreything is more precious, if a story is connected to it! Have a fab day!

nancygrayce said...

I'm very sentimental about family things. We have several things that were my husband's grandparents. Love the plates.

Lorraine Young Pottery said...

I do love vintage stuff and even more so when there are stories related to the items, like that last high chair. Good luck with the boxing up!

HUGS Lorraine :-}

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Phyllis, Glad your Aunt is doing okay... Sounds like she has some interesting company near her--to keep her occupied!!!!

Glad you inherited some of their old treasures.. Those things are so neat --and need to stay in the family...

Love your home --and all of your 'goodies'...


Julie Harward said...

Hi there, thanks for your visit...I am going to follow your blog if you don't mind. Love your things from your uncle, things like this mean the most for sure. Come say hi any time :D

Julie Harward said...

Hi again...my blog followers are about the 6th thing down on your right, on my side bar..I hope it is visable to others!? ;D

Pudel-design said...

Thank you so much for the comment!
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Lovely greetings...


Kathleen Grace said...

Ha ha, the bliss of blogging only the clean parts of our home, we all do it. I know my house could use a little, ahem attention, but here I am. Blog hopping.
I really love the blue and white delft shelf and plates on your wall, along with all the other treasures you inherited. It's really the memories that go with those items that we treasure isn't it? :>)

Cape Cod Washashore said...

You must be thrilled to bits to be surrounded by your uncle's treasures... and he obviously wanted you to enjoy them! Job well done! ;)

Lea said...

What wonderful treasures Phyl and I so enjoyed hearing about your family! UNCLE sounds awesome. I'd love to hear about circus's and trains.
Everything looks great and thankyou for sharing with us. I love getting glimpses into your life like this. You're still framed on my fridge by the way! holykisses xoxo Lea

Lena said...

You certainly have some truly lovely things to decorate with. I know how hard it is though, to find room for so many "new" things at once, as we've done a bit of the same sort of making room in the last year.

Your uncle sure did collect some wonderful and interesting things!