Tuesday, July 5, 2011

what is she talking about

this photo has nothing to do with today's post.
nothing does, really.

that is me though and it is a photo from my son's computer.
i'm still waiting for mine to come home from the hospital.

ready for some random news?
here goes!

*my boys and i just returned from a week of camp
*thanks to reader Maid Marion and her husband for the transport of students and baggage...we love you!!!
*next we are traveling to Chicago for a mission trip
*my youngest and I will vacation on Michigan Ave. and Navy Pier while the older two work hard in the heat, bless them...
*my middle son has duct tape wallets for sale in my etsy shop
*he paid for half his Macbook by selling wallets at school
*the dressing room lights at Old Navy make you appear smaller than the ones at Cato's
*and your skin look nicer
*how do they do that
*i got a letter from Gooseberry Patch today saying they are publishing my recipe in their next book and that I'm getting a free book come January
*i don't remember submitting a recipe
*the one they say i submitted, i cook all the time
*creole pork chops
*i love the people at Gooseberry Patch
*you aren't bad either

over and out.


Kathleen Grace said...

Congratulations on getting a recipe into Gooseberry Patch! How cool is that?!
Ah, the years of teen mission trips, I remember them fondly:>) Enjoy now, they whiz past like lightnng.
I checked out your sons wallet offerings, very cool and they look really well done. Wish I had a boy to buy one for!

nancygrayce said...

Impressive getting a recipe in a book!!! Although I have never heard of Gooseberry Patch, I'll be looking it up now.

When I was a child, I made dolls from clothes pins and duct tape and duct tape shoes. It was a blast!

How's the Flat Princess doing?

Deborah said...

Best wishes on the mission trip. Chicago is one of my favorite cities. Prayers are with you all

see you there! said...

I was wondering where the heck you have been.

I think it is grand that Gooseberry Patch is publishing your recipe.

Have fun in Chicago but don't forget to write.


Paula Parrish said...

Congratulations it is just so exciting to have your recipe published in Gooseberry Patch. Have a wonderful time in Chicago.
Smiles, Paula

Lea said...

Roger that! lololol
Congratulations on your porkchops making Gooseberry Patch! Yeehaa!
They sound delicious!
Sounds like you and the kids are gonna have a ball together. I'm so happy for you!
Most of all, I love the pic of you!

Lena said...

Well, what a lovely bit of news to hear. Hooray for having your recipe published Phyllis. That's really nice, and hooray for your boys and all the good things they do too!


MaidMarion said...

Congrats on the recipe in Gooseberry Patch. We enjoyed the laughter, texting and watching out for the cops as we traveled to camp. Have a great time in Chicago....it will be a great learning experience for all!

Jojo Caramel said...

Congratulations to your son for the the selling of his wallets! Wow! and congratulations for your recipe in Gooseberry Patch!
I love Chicago! Have a nice trip!