Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Chicago Tuesday

people in Chicago need beta-carotene too. 
loads of it probably because there is so much to see!
eye health is extra necessary here.

sounds are extra special in the city too.
I mean, it isn't just ambulances and taxis honking.

i was surprised to find out though...
that i have modern art in my home. 

lots of it. so much that we normally toss it.

this mannequin made me think of many of you bloggers
who own one. i especially like this dress. it reminds me of 
what my mother used to wear to square dance in with daddy.

i couldn't believe my eyes when i saw this 
huge collection of antique sewing machines at
the Allsaints manufacturing co. 

my baby has petit vanilla bean scones on his mind every morning and everytime we pass Starbucks...
i might have them on my mind in the a.m. as well...
and some coffee...haven't had any yet here. 
see you tomorrow..phone is ringing! 


Glenys said...

Sure looks like fun. I like walking in the street with pleasant surprise at every corner. The vanilla bean scones looks yummy!

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Phyllis:
Our friends, the Kondors, with whom we stayed recently used to live in Chicago and what tales of that most creative and lively city they told. They have certainly whetted our appetite, further enhanced by your post of today. So much to see and experience at every turn. Perhaps one day....

see you there! said...

Most interesting city. I love the photo of the girl playing her music in the street.


Kathleen Grace said...

Looks like you're having a great time! Hey! I have modern art in my home too! Maybe I should open a gallery and see if it sells;>)

Paula Parrish said...

Oh, I love Chicago. I grew up just a hour west of the city and always enjoyed visits into the city of the day. Have a wonderful day! Smiles, Paula

Jojo Caramel said...

It seems that you are having a nice time there! and the weather is lovely! It's Cold grey and raining in France.. Nice wall of sewing machines!