Friday, June 10, 2011

You've never heard of the Kentucky Sea?

congrats to Debbie @ nospringchicken for winning the tin molds! 
email me with your address and i'll expedite them to you :) 

yesterday i brought the ocean in! 
started out with a trip to the trusty Goodwill...
i found this tall thin fern stand or table and a star-shaped aluminum bowl. 

the table was eight dollars and the bowl was three.
i painted the table white as well as several picture frames which were a dollar or two each. 

the huge ocean print in frame was five dollars and i still need
to paint the frame. 
(not looking forward to that one...)
Oh! see the little glass paperweight? 
i love those. 
they are so fun and easy to do. 
i know how often too...that i'm in the bathroom
looking for something to stop blowing my papers away! 

the large bulletin board was only three dollars 
and i painted it, then added the beachy photos.
you can cut up a Coastal Living for these. 
or use family vacation photos!
or both :)

i've had the conch shell for years...i love that pink!

now finding the space to use it all is the thing!

might shoulda thought of that before i bought it all, huh? 

these three drinking glasses with rattan fit the theme as well...
where can i get more?!!

lastly an old jar with a bubble for the wave effect ;) 

let's go surfing y'all!!


no spring chicken said...

Yippee!! I'm e-mailing you next thing.

I love your instant make-over (especially the tall skinny plant stand, and the rattan covered glasses). Curious to see where it lands. :)

Blessings, Debbie

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Phyllis:
What an absolute treasure trove requiring, for the most part, just the odd lick of paint for a complete transformation. You must be delighted with your purchases - a new look in readiness for the weekend.

Have a lovely and relaxing time.

Kaybe said...

Wow, with some Jimmy Buffet music playing in the background you are all set.

May you always have a shell in your pocket & sand between you toes!

Take good care,


gillyflower said...

Congrats to Debbie!
Interesting seasidy things there!You got some great finds!
Gill xx

Kathleen Grace said...

Love those raffia covered glasses Phyllis! You got quite the load of deals:>)

Paige Thomas King said...

great ideas! love those glasses, especially--i'll keep my eye our for more!

Cape Cod Rambling Rose said...

Fabulous ideas, Phyllis! You've got a beachy touch in Kentucky - love it!

jennifer said...

Just found your blog and I'm hooked. I'm going to be following. I love to find new to me blogs. Got to go read some more :)

MaidMarion said...

Oh,how I miss the beach!!!

Martina said...

Congrats to the lucky winner - and to you, for finding all these pretty treasures! Yes, surfing sounds like a great idea - cheers to summer, and to a lot of fun things!

Libbie said...

I had to stop by when I saw your name...I have an aunt & her middle name actually is Bliss :)

So glad I did stop by! What a lovely visit! Getting me in the mood for my trip to the beach next week! Good finds!!!

Deborah said...

Thanks for joining me. I am really new at this. Love your shop and blog!

Jojo Caramel said...

Congrats to the winner! I like the photo of the boys :)

Lena said...

You've captured the beach feel very nicely Phyllis. I'm a coastal girl, but our beaches tend to be a little cooler than some. The water in these parts is very cold indeed, but the beaches are pretty.

nancygrayce said...

Love the things you found!!!! Those glasses are pretty and I've never seen any like them.

helen tilston said...

You have certainly brought the ocean to Ky. I can imagine soaking in the bathtub and enjoying those beautiful beach pictures. That is a functional little table, I could use one. Love your blog

see you there! said...

You did a great job gathering you beach theme. You'll show us the room when it is all set up won't you?


Libbie said...

Hi Again!

Thank you for the sweet comment the other day! I was so happy to meet you too! It will be fun to get to know each other!


Elizabeth and Gary said...

Hi Phyllis,
Thank you so much for visiting me at "Home is Where the Heart is"
Its a pleasure meeting you.
I have enjoyed reading many of your posts and have become your newest followers. I look forward to visiting again.
Have a sweet day, Elizabeth