Friday, June 3, 2011


this is what you get served by your twelve year old boy...
after he turns twelve. 

he asks, "blackberry or strawberry?" and you answer, 
not knowing what it refers to. 

then this glass of Go-gurt squeezed right out 
of the tube with a berry on top is placed before you.
you also get little pieces of roasted chicken and a roll, 
purchased from the Schwan's man. 

and you eat together, high on the hog
knowing full well you don't have many years left 
for these special occasions. 
and you brag, brag a lot in hopes you'll be 
treated again. 

i'm feeling kind of literary! 
i'm reading a book...which some of you know
is rare for me :)

someone told me to read "Brother to a Dragonfly" 
and i actually ordered it and started reading it.
way different from when i bought 
a jump rope. 
i thought somehow having it in the drawer would 
make my thighs stop jiggling? 
the book is excellent...i understand it is a sad book...
but so far, no. 


*my house is where unwanted children hang out
*i don't mind
*i cut a watermelon today
*watermelon and tomatoes are two of the only good things
about summer
*i just changed my chalkboard sign from Happy Easter to Happy Summer which is an oxymoron
*like Jumbo Shrimp
*tomorrow we are taking the church youth to a waterpark
*i'm wearing a burka


nancygrayce said...

I love some parts of summer! But if I were to go to a waterpark, I would have to wear a long coverup! :)

ShabbyLife said...

He's so cute :) My little brother (Now 21, not so little anymore) still does this for us occasionally. His favorite thing to make is shakes, though.


Paige Thomas King said...

(1) how did you win such a sweet guy?
(2) how come you are sooooo dang funny?!?
(3) why don't we live closer?

Glenys said...

So delicious. I miss ice cream!!

Christi said...

I have a 12 yr old, I too cherish any "time" with him! I had a bbq for our youth group, they are going on a mission trip sunday. The 1st for my son AND the 1st that I am not going on...gasp!

ps. Thank you for being my 1st and only blogger comment! :)

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

As we do not have children, we would not know what to expect by way of culinary masterpieces. However, as we are complete incompetents where all matters in the kitchen are concerned, we should be eternally grateful for whatever our 12 year old made that was edible.

We presume that going to a waterpark is also an essential of life with a 12 year old. Now that, for us, would be a horror!

see you there! said...

Having recently tried to find a decent bathing suit I fully understand the burka business. I think I'll just sit in the shade and have one of those delicious treats your son made.


Paula Parrish said...

Happy Summertime to you! Have fun today at the waterpark; wear that burka proudly. So Funny!
Smiles, Paula

Kathleen Grace said...

Send that boy over to me and tell him blackberry please:>)

Martina said...

You're wearing a WHAT? C'mon, please post a picture of you in a burka! And. oh, so sweet to be treated by your kids to such a fun meal! Happy sunday! xx

helen tilston said...

How kind of your son to make you a meal. He looks so proud with his chef's stance, perhaps he will be on the cooking channel one of these days.
Enjoy your day

Monica@The White Bench said...

Black-ber-ry please!
Sending smiles along with some rain- we're pretty tired of it, here!;)
Monica xo

Lena said...

What a sweetheart your son is. I love it when they do things like that!

We're finally getting some warm weather. It feels so nice.

Oh boy, homegrown tomatoes!


Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

I remember days like that. Mine grew up way to soon and now my Grands are doing the same!!!...hugs to you and your sweet family today!!!...m...

Jojo Caramel said...

I wouldn't mind Strawberries :) You have such a sweet boy! Maybe he is already on holidays, If yes I wish him a great Summer!

Kathy said...

Where can I buy a summer weight burka? Love the idea and it is definitely the only way I would make an appearance at a pool or beach!