Friday, May 27, 2011

on the Ky/Tn border today

i'm here to report that we lived through
the storms thus far and our skies look this way now.

i was waiting in line for some bar-b-cue when 
i caught this view of a nice aqua water tower. 

if you've never had bbq in western kentucky, 
you should put it on that bucket list...
it is made from 90% real wood smoke and 10% 
a dash of salt. 
oh man. 
i'd die a slow bbq death if i had to live on bbq from 
other places. 
you probably feel that way too, about the bbq in 
your area...but if you mention like, tomato sauce or ketchup,
i'm gonna cry for you.

one intact barn with a patch job...
many old barns have bitten the dust one wind
gust at a time which is sad. 
new barns are usually metal and don't have that 
look we love. 
wheat looks good, right? see the wheat field? 
that is our family's bread and butter...well, without the butter
right now. 

picked these up at goodwill...anybody tell me whether
or not they are good? 

we have a boy turning 16 next month.
he is getting a mohawk today to celebrate 
school being out. 
i had to grab the camera while my window of opportunity
was still here. 

finding great old rusty buildings is not a problem 
around here...and many times music artists-to-be
come here to film their videos since we are less than an hour
from Nashville, depending on who is driving. 

we have this marker out back to remind us 
where we pay taxes. 

(shhh Mary and Marion! you didn't see these of my boy...he'll get me!)

back to you commenters! 


Kaybe said...

Happy sweet 16 to the youngin! So glad you all are safe & sound. The only thing better than bbq is bbq with cole slaw on top :D

Take good care,


Paige Thomas King said...

glad to know all is well your way--we're dealing with a few more trees. are you going to post the after pics of your handsome boy? you're much more cool mom than i am--i don't think i would approve a mohawk! (i will not be sharin gthis post with yor son OR mine!)

helen tilston said...

I just love your blog. Your style of writing is cheerful and amusing. You live in a beautiful spot and I love all your finds at Goodwill. I, too, love a bargain and so great to re-cycle items. I have signed up for your blog and will look forward to popping over to see you
Thanks for visiting my blog and for your kindness and encouragement

Helen Tilston

The French Bear said...

Such a handsome boy! I only recognize one movie...riding in cars...I think it was's been awhile.
You need to share a bbque recipe with me....I need to try some real ones out!!!
Margaret B

*The Beautiful Life* said...

Happy birthday to your son! Love all the photos! He was a good sport! :)


Mac n' Janet said...

Love bar-b-que, some better than others, but love it all.
Liked Vanity Fair and Scoop (this one a lot) haven't seen the others.

Martina said...

Whew, what a handsome boy you've got here! Happy birthday - and happy weekend with bbq and everything nive!

Monica@The White Bench said...

Glad all is well with you. Hey, P., you took great portrait shots of your son!!!! Well done!!
Sending hugs and thank- yous.
Monica xo
P.S The building you asked me about a while back, is a farm in the local park. Once it was residence of a noble family, there are several historical buildings around here ;)

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

We have come across your most interesting and very varied blog [having read through several of your previous posts] via Helen Tilston's, a delight in itself.

It is so interesting for us to experience a very different part of the world, and one which we have never visited, through what you write and picture. The barns, this one and on an earlier post, are wonderful, set in a wide and open landscape. You must, as shown with the water tower too, have the most wonderful skyscapes.

see you there! said...

Happy Birthday to the Big Boy. Be sure to show us that mohawk when he gets it.

Love the sky/tower photo. Nice fluffy clouds. Hope that't the only kind you see for a bit, I think your part of the country has had enough rain (and wind) hasn't it?


MaidMarion said...

Won't tell about the pics, but he is one handsome young man. It has been a pleasure to see him grow up, as well as his brothers.....
you did good! Good luck with the hair cut!

Kathrine said...

We've heard about the storm in the news....glad to see you're ok!
Happy 16th to your sweet boy! :)
The first picture is very artistic!
And about the DVDs, I have seen Scoop, it's GENIUS! :)
Thank you for your sweet comment :)

bj said...

Thanks so much for coming by and following. Just so ya know...I am following you right back. :))
xo bj

Zondra Art said...

Beautiful boy and great shots!
Regards from Croatia:)

Zondra Art

Jojo Caramel said...

Lovely photos of a nearly 16!