Monday, May 16, 2011

Fashion talk!

i spent REAL money and the world didn't
stop turning...but
there is still a certain amount of guilt in 
the midst of my pure joy in my new items!

I have seen all over Youtube (I watch these "beauty gurus" who may be my undoing in the end...) 
recommendations for this Laura Mercier silk
creme foundation. 
well, I have it on and it is sublime! 
(never used that word before...) 
$42 of decadence...they say it will go a long way 
and I think that is true as it went on so smoothly. 

I have not worn any heels whatsoever in years and years.
I am influenced again by styles on the net (especially Pinterest)
and I simply wanted some new shoes. 
I got two pair from Nordstrom's...a place I'd never heard of
until Youtube. 
We are getting one soon in Nashville I understand.

this is the reason I could splurge on some
good shoes...
most all of my clothes come from Goodwill! 
I have never had so many clothes in my life.
At $4 or so each (oftentimes less...)
it is a shame not to buy something if you can wear it.

walking in these yesterday was a wee adventure!
it takes practice LOL but I will say
that in my ballet flats on a rainy Easter,
that I slipped out of our suv and nearly broke 
all my bones. 
Whatever happens in these can't be much worse!
and Espadrilles? 
Shouldn't they be in style forever?
I'll be wheeling through my nursing home in fashion, I'd say.
Recommend me a housecoat to go with them, will ya? 


Amy said...

Love the shoes!!!! And I must try that foundation!

Crafting by Candlelight

vmichelle said...

Thumbs up on both pair of shoes! I'd like to find a nice pair of espadrilles myself.

Kathleen Grace said...

Those are some stinking cute shoes Phyllis! I just got some cuties from my youngest daughter for mothers day that I plan on showing this week. $42 for foundation, well golly, you're worth it and if you are anything like me you've scrimped on yourself your whole life, time to live a little. I spent about that much on eye cream recently, but I spend so little on make-up and skin care I'm still way ahead and at my age its a need not a want;>) I buy my clothes at Salvation Army and super clearanced. That dress you showed is sooo cute.

Lori @ Studio Waterstone said...

Goodwill certainly rocks! I've used Laura Mercier for years and can't bring myself to stray. It's wonderful - and I have to say the makeup stretches out for quite a long while making it worth the $$. And the shoes? Adorable. Enjoy.

C'est Moi said...

Good for you .... A girl should splurge every once in a while !

Glenys said...

Great clothes and shoes! Looks awesome for summer at the beach.

Martina said...

Ha ha! A girls's gotta indulge herself sometimes! And a little luxury thing like your make-up or shoes really can change the day. by adding some sparkle, fun and specialness. Don't feel guilty - you are worth it!

see you there! said...

Oh Honey, Nordstroms is shopping paradise. Wait until you get one nearby. I like to just go wander around in there. Those shoes are fantastic. Good for you!


Little Leslie said...

I know what you mean by feeling guilty. My friend gave me some "Morrocan oil" for my hair. IT cost a lot of money, and she didn't use it anymore (it's for curly hair) and she's blow drying now. Well, I love it and it's expensive, so when I'm out, I gotta go and get some more. I'm feeling guilty just talking about it.

Peachy Cheek said...
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Peachy Cheek said...

Those are such lovely shoes and dresses! The foundaton will last you quite a while. I use the tinted moisturizer from that company and I have had it for quite a while! And a very little goes a long way! If you run out, asking for samples always help. And you can always try and get it on ebay:)

Nordstrom also has "Nordstrom Rack" and a Nordstrom Outlet and they also have it on their website!

I love the dress. Is it a wrap dress?

Take care!!

MaidMarion said...

New are so worth it!

Jojo Caramel said...

I love the shoes too! and the dress also! Lovely!