Monday, April 18, 2011

Someone's been stitchin'

Giveaway alert: 
LuLu's is giving away the Romantic Prairie Style book...
will you go visit her awesome blog and sign up? 


don't have a cow man, 
it wasn't me....although i've done my share in this life....
these are flea market finds that are finally ready for purchase you-know-where. 

as for chatter, WHEW!
isn't there always something to do?
i've been thinking about you people a lot lately
and how i haven't been to see you!

have you got your Easter dress picked out and ironed? 
we had a potluck yesterday and we ate some good, good
it was a week of births and deaths among friends of ours.  
oh, the ups and downs of life are exhausting!
we are expecting another litter of kittens anytime now...
i found Mama kitty in an indoor watering can which sits 
high on a shelf yesterday.
i'm thinking she'd better choose another spot. 

my old clockface in the hands of the world's sweetest girl.
she is reminding us to cherish our time and make it count! 
thanks for your friendship, girls!


Lena said...

I love old embroidered things, along with old china. Those things simply say "home" to me. These are very pretty.

Wow, I love that old clock face. That's a wonderful piece.

Goodness, wouldn't that be something, if your mama kitty tried to give birth there? That would make for a real adventure. Cats can be so interesting.

This old world keeps spinnin' round. It's a wonder old trees ain't layin down. There comes a time. ~ Neil Young.

These words of Neil Young's keep running through my head this year. Life, it keeps on, keepin' on.


Cape Cod Rambling Rose said...

Hmmmm wish I lived closer so I could join one of your southern potlucks!!!

Kathleen Grace said...

I do love the old embroidered items that someone so loving made. It always makes me wish I were more talented in embroidery....because I NEED one more thing to keep me busy, lol.

see you there! said...

Don't you love old hand stitched pieces? I like to imagine the person who did them. Were they made as a gift for someone? Made to go in their hope chest before they married? (yes, I had one of those)


Paige Thomas King said...

thanks for the updates!
i wonder what you contributed to the potluck . . . we have a lot of those during the summer. i feel less and less creative about menu offerings these days.
hope kitty is considerate about her birthing location.
keep us posted!

Jojo Caramel said...

Beautiful embroidered items!
I've been wearing an pair of jeans, no need to be ironed :D

Jojo Caramel said...

Oups wearing A pair...