Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Little spring treats

thanks for all the ideas about 
my wire bottle caddy!
they were fun to read and so
in your honor...i've had a photo
session with my little toys. 

it's a teddy bear picnic
(the bear was my idea...heheh..)
without food :/
but i've read this morning about
cucumber sandwiches that Alison 
was telling us about 
and they sound yummy. 
if you have never read her "puttery treats"
you are missing out!
that girl can think of more fun things...
how does she sleep? 

i have grape hyacinths in bloom as well as
little patches of phlox. 
are you planning any teas, showers or
girlie gatherings this spring? 

little boys and girls who come to play at my 
house always love these little silverware pieces. 

one old bottle is all i had...must find more
to fill the caddy. 
curly willow wraps around the handle nicely :)

what happy words, right? 

just the opposite of say...
oil changes, balancing the checkbook, 
root canal, lime buildup, flea collar,
drano, sinus infection...

enough already? Ha!
(such is life)

my wee cruet and ironstone butterpats...

girls, feel free to print any of my pics today!
make yourself some placecards for your
table and call some friends over...
someone is waiting...
tap, tap, tap, for you to call and
ask them! 


see you there! said...

What special treats! I think that little blue pot thing has my name on it. Kiddo's must love coming to your house and using the bitty silverware. I would too. I like bitty little things.


Merci-Notes said...

Beautiful Phyllis... the photos and words!

xo, Mary

Martina said...

Adorable pix here - the very last one is my favorite, but the bear picknick is too cute as well! You're getting better and better with your styling!

PJay said...

Beautiful pictures. Love the bear in the teacup. It's exactly the place a friendly little bear belongs!

Lena said...

I love these photos. My little girl neices would love them too, especially the one of the bear in the teacup. I'll have to remember that idea.

I have a set of little silverware like that too!


Cindy said...

Beautiful. My fav is the old bottle with the flowers!!

Amy said...

I was actually thinking about doing a Teddy Bear Picnic for Noodlebug's upcoming birthday but opted for a Western theme instead. Maybe I'll do a teddy bear picnic for MY May birthday.

Crafting by Candlelight

Kate said...

Love Love all of your sweet vignettes and teddy bear goodness. Have a terrific week!!!


nancygrayce said...

Oh, I do like that wire caddy!

Jojo Caramel said...

Lovely colors! Lovely treats!

Kathleen Grace said...

Such pretty photos, love that little aqua bowl and your teacup teddy:>)