Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter chat

time to decide what to wear sunday for Easter :) ...get the boys' clothes ready.
we are hosting lunch for six family members which brings the count to eleven. nice and easy for me.

which reminds me that I should color my hair really...along with some eggs.
excuse my thinking out loud!

i'm excited to set the table and do the cooking. i'm thankful to have my four "elderlies" still with us. last year we had five of them...this year, four.

we are having a chicken casserole and asparagus for sure. probably some cooked carrots and something involving coconut. what are you having?

i got a new grill ...i can control the temp and that makes me giddy!

martha has an app for egg dyeing
and me without an iphone...

today i'll be in search of some gingham...maybe lavender to tie around a few things...maybe napkins? 
i'm just in the lavender gingham frame-of-mind.

some people around here aren't thinking about
anything much...not a care in the world.
aren't cat piggies the cutest? 

i'll go ahead and say Happy Easter to you...just in case i don't get back to you.
Happy Easter friend!


PJay said...

Have a wonderful Easter! Being a laat minute kinda gal, I haven't decided what I'll be doing yet.

Lena said...

I hope you and your family will have a lovely Easter, Phyllis.

I think gingham is one of my favorite fabrics, and lavender will be perfect for Easter.


Kathleen Grace said...

Happy Easter Phyllis! I can't wait to see what color you dye your hair and eggs, lavender maybe?:>) Did you send me an email? I can't open it and I think it's from you.

see you there! said...

An Early Happy Easter to you too my friend. I hope you find that lavendar gingham.

Easter always reminds me of childhood, a new spring outfit, usually navy blue and often with some scratchy lace somewhere. New patent leather Mary Janes and of course an Easter basket.

Have a wonderful day with your family.

Cape Cod Rambling Rose said...

Have a joyous and blessed Easter, Phyllis! Maybe we'll pop round on Easter Sunday and you can make that "11" into a "17"! lol

Martina said...

Happy easter, have fun cooking, eating and being amongst family! We'll have a family brunch on sunday and it looks like the weather will be warm and lovely! Cheers to a happy time! xx

She'sSewPretty said... you've made me want to go out and buy some lavender gingham. That just sounds so pretty!! I am hosting all four brothers and their families for Easter but all I'm making is ham and dessert. They're bringing the side dishes.
As for your hair. Do what I did...just get a bunch of blond streaks put in it and then the silver looks like it might be blond too. LOL
Have a wonderful Easter!!

Cindy said...

Happy Easter to you!! PS I love anything with coconut in it.

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

I am cooking also for Mike and Kiley at...hugs...m..

sweet european dreams said...

I just stopped and played in your Etsy shop. You linens are divine! Have a BLESSED Easter weekend! -diane

Merci-Notes said...

Happy Easter Phyllis!

We are having a petite ham.... for it is so bad for one!
I would Love to have your chicken casserole recipe!

God Bless,

Little Leslie said...

i love your kitty like I love mine. They are the best pets, sorry doggie owners. Come on over to see my cupcakes Guy bought us. Talk about Happy Easter!