Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tagged 7 random facts

Paige from my most favorite shop in Clarksville, Tn...
tagged me with the 7 random things meme. 
I grabbed 7 of my photos to elaborate on :) 

1) I'm the mother of 3 boys.
I wanted girls but God knew better what to give us...I am SO glad I got them instead of girls! 
I also have 3 brothers and 6 nephews. 
I do have a niece... who is carrying twin boys....
poor girl has no names left to choose from. 

2) We have a large farm which we don't farm. 
We planted trees instead. 
The forestry service planned it....and paid for half of it.

There are 100,000  trees. 

3) These are my four little projects down the road.
There is no vehicle or driver in their family 
and I take them to the doctor and dentist. 
I get fed some awesome meals when I do. 

4) My daddy made this birdhouse.
We lost him in '98 to cancer of the esophagus. 
I miss him soooo much. 
He was an antique toy collector
and made lots of things in our garage...
he was my real life Geppetto. 

5) Awww. This friend I met in college. 
(me on the right..ugh)
She was my matron-of-honor 22 years ago. 
She reminds me so much of Sarah Palin 
and she and her husband frequent Alaska 
on hunting and fishing trips. 
She is an optician with two grown children.
I can still remember hunting their 
pacifiers when they tossed them and wailed
on several road trips. 

6) I submitted this photo (without the words)
to a Nashville t.v. station and it was aired 
several times a day for 3 days. 
My 83 year old mother was so thrilled
to see it each time. 
The little cars are from my Daddy's collection of toys.

7) Like many of you...I am a francophile. 
I want to go to France and love french things...
from pastries to music to old stone houses...
linens with monograms...
saying words like "aujour'dui"
and wearing ballet flats.

Now you know...
the REST of the story ;)

OH! New online magazine looks good! 
Surroundings go see :)


Paige Thomas King said...

Auntie Bliss,
Those are some fun facts! Thanks for playing along!

Kathleen Grace said...

I always love getting to know you a bit better Phyllis! As far as France, guess who gets to go next year???? Yeah, that would be my DAUGHTER, not me. And do you think she will hit the Paris flea mkt. for me during the 3 WEEKS she will be there? No. I'm pouting. And working on her for the next year til I wear her down. And planning to go some day myself. I hope.

see you there! said...

Fun facts. I love your four little projects and love you for doing for them too.

The picture of the cars is a treasure.


citymouse said...

I loved the photo of the bird house and what you wrote. I also loved the car photo... very cool looking and kudos on having it aired on television.

Teresa said...

I wanted girls too, and boy am I ever glad that God didn't listen to me. I wouldn't trade my boys for anything!
Your back yard photo is gorgeous and amazing. 100,000 trees? I can't even imagine how wonderful that must be. What kind of trees? I'm fascinated.
Great list!

Carole said...

We'll have to go to France together. I haven't been in years and I was born there....sad huh.
My neice from France is coming in the Fall....so does that count? hahaha

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

OT but... I have a request for you, please... Your blog is listed, on Mrs. Staggs Blog List, at "A Happy Miscellany" blog. And she allows no Comments, as you well know.

But since you are on her blog list, perhaps you have a way to contact her. If so, would you please tell her thank you! for her lovely post about the Japanese people, which she posted today, Wed. I linked to it, as a lovely way to say, what many of us are feeling, at this time of horror....... In regard to continuing our happy blogging.

Please tell her, thank you for me.

Thank you for doing so.

Gentle hugs...

Jojo Caramel said...

C'est un bien joli tague ! Collectionneur de jouets anciens, c'est extra ! Moi, c'est ma mère qui collectionnait les jouets anciens :) Je me souviens d'une très belle locomotive et de machines à vapeur. J'adorais ça, et j'aime toujours les jouets et les jouets anciens.

Une petite chanson de Jean Ferrat, (que j'adore) en attendant ton prochain voyage en France :)


Have a lovely day!

KATHY said...

I'm enjoying your posts!Thanks for stopping by my blog.


Lena said...

Phyllis, this is such a good post. I've enjoyed it so much.

I love the thought of your mom's happiness at seeing your photo on television.

I was on tv once, with my husband, in and out of a hot air balloon. It was so funny, all the people who called to say they'd seen it. A couple of my great-aunts called my grandmother up to ask though, what in the world were we thinking, to do such a "dangerous" things. I was always doing things like that. Motorcycles, hiking and camping in the mountains and hot air ballloons, LOL!

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

This was a wonderful post. I really liked it....m.

She'sSewPretty said...

What a fun post! I love the pic with the cars and the pic of your sons too. Did you take that one?

PeregrineBlue said...

i just discovered your emags Surroundings, i can't wait to look through each and every one and read all the fun articles, what a multiple tasker you have turned out to be. my great grandfather was an anticuarian so i can relate. but i am more an anglophile than a francophile, i grew up there and i have never forgotten england, especially cornwall. keep it up girl, you do amazing things

Linda Merrill said...

I just saw this post, thank you so much for linking to my magazine ::Surroundings::!!