Thursday, March 17, 2011

Green Day

Happy St. Patrick's y'all!

I thought I'd show you my oldest son's room because
it is green :)
He doesn't have opinions much on how his room
gets you would notice by the jeans
strewn about before I picked them up...
but I want his room to be like a 
gentleman's quarters...kind of classic...
not so much "teenage hangout". 
He just turned 17 and I'm bracing for 
the empty nest with already aching heart...
you see...he was born yesterday ;)

He has just started piano lessons and
practices on this donated keyboard 
that I plopped onto a library table 
snagged for $40 at an auction 
awhile back. 

The clock which I LOVE belonged to 
my son's grandmother...the hat has a label 
from a hat shop in this wee town 
where we live. 
Our wee town had a hat shop?
That. is. weird. 
And the old map I trimmed to fit this old 
Africa and Europe. 
I never learned much geography in school...I really need 
to stare at it daily and learn myself a few things...

I was going to hang a deer skull with antlers,
but my boy stopped me there. 
I had stepped over the boundary. 
When he leaves for college you say? 
Hehe ;)


see you there! said...

What lovely green Gentleman's Quarters. Your son shows good judgement when he bans deer skulls and antlers - even if he does leave his jeans on the floor :-)


I'm Cindy said...

That's nice he let you decorate. Looks like a great place for him to hang!!

Lena said...

Goodness, that's a very tidy room for a 17 year old! I never looked in my son's room at that age. His dad actually brought home a caution sign to hang on his door once upon a time. Now, he's very into having a nice space. It's interesting how things and people evolve. He'd love that hat. He loves hats, and sometimes wears a very cool Stetson.

Happy St. Patrick's Day to ye!

Jojo Caramel said...

Nice panama (hat) to travel around Europe or Africa!

Happy Saint-Patrick's day!

Little Leslie said...

I like the worldly feel of the room. It 's like you are urging to him to go out and venture into life.

Kathleen Grace said...

Awww, it's tough to look forward to the first one leaving the nest, I can tell you it gets better with time though. I think his room is awesome enough he might want to stay around son't you? ;>)

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

Top of the Morning to you. have a great day!!!!! Hugs to you...m..

Kaybe said...

My last child just went out on her own. She was suprised we re-decorated her room so fast.

Take good care,


Jacqueline said...

Such a nice room! I love the hat, it really makes a cool statement!