Monday, January 3, 2011

and that's the buzz GIVEAWAY

my mother calls it getting a "bee in your bonnet" when
you have an idea, especially about something you want 
and it keeps nagging at you.
i have a bee in my bonnet
we have a tight kitchen space
(a galley kitchen)
and have inherited some special 
dishes and things we are sentimental about. 
display/storage like this would be okay in 
the family room, right?
this color looks gray but the website
says it is sage. 
either way, even white or black i'd love. 
tell me...does this hutch do anything for you?
i think it would be so fun to "dress" each season. 

Etsy shop advertisement
don't hate me :)
i have a cute new sign :)

                                                                  a couple of finds :

leave a comment for a drawing
on wednesday.
i have this mirror and little box to giveaway :)
they are ivory i think? or bakelite? 
thanks for being here! 


Lea said...

Did you say giveaway?!!
Squeal!!! Count me in pretty please!

The hutch does ALOT for me!!! Ohmystars does it ever. Think I'm feelin your bee in your bonnet* And I'm seein sage on my monitor... White or black.... oh yeah* I see white but that's just me. The creamy-er the better. But I kinda see black too. How bout black on the first layer and then crackled painting the whole thing creamy white with the black crackles? LOL I'm no help am I. Sorry. You're the expert you know. I look to you for inspiration! BTW Love your header. Can't wait til it snows here.
Happy January Phyl!
Holykisses and a healthy happy new year.

see you there! said...

The hutch is really nice and would certainly hold a whole lot of treasures.

The hutch for you and the mirror and box for me. How easy is that?

Darla S2U

Paige Thomas King said...

i love the hutch! is it perfect for your needs? if so, then i say do it. the white or black would be good none colors--you could use either almost ayway with almost any china pattern displayed. grey would be the same--sage is color. mine is sage and works well with my browns. i painted the interior back a very pale blue.
can't wait to see what you decide.
happy new year!

She'sSewPretty said...

I LOVE that cabinet especially if it is sage green. I can see it decorated for every season.

Martina said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Awww, i want this cabinet too! I so need a new kitchen! I love your new header and motto - we are sooooo brave ;)

Cape Cod Rambling Rose said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that cupboard!!! I love the color you've shown... a distressed white or black would be awesome, too!

Lena said...

LOL! Yep, it does a whole lot for me, and I'd like it in black, if you please! I've always loved those sorts of hutches, and like you, I enjoy decorating for the seasons, so I understand that longing too.

Love the tape measure!

Kaybe said...

Beautiful Hutch. My kitchen is small also. We down-sized into an apartment a few years back. My hutch is the solution to the "what am I going to do with all my collectibles?" problem. I kinda have a revolving display on it depending on the seasons and which tub is out of storage at the time. I say go for it!

Take good care,


antiquechase said...

Hutch envy!!

Polish and Pearls said...

I definitely love love LOVE that hutch! I'm always getting a "bee in my bonnet", so I know what you mean!

The Little Red Shop said...

Ahhh...I LOVE that hutch! I think it would be fantastic in a family room. Because my ol' house is mid-restoration right now, I have the china cabinet in the family room (its coordinating table has been hibernating in storage for 10 years!)

God Bless You!

: )

Julie M.