Friday, December 31, 2010

One, one, one, one!

1-1-2011 eve, that is...

i've seen such eloquent posts on this
subject...people waxing nostalgic
about last year...
i'm intimidated to post anything!
can i just say that 
you are awesome friends and that 
i look forward to 2011
with you being a special part
of it? 
okay, done! 
thank you :)

earlier i told you about the piece 
of ceiling tin
i'd purchased. 
here she is! 
still leaning where i left her in the garage.
i can't think how to make
her hangable...

i'd like her over this chippy and shabby
piece with marble top 
(a marriage of items given to me by a sweet friend)
i LOVE these in the garage. 

here are three items waiting for 
(like my face and thighs...tap, tap, tap...)
i have an eight dollar investment
in these three...with intentions 
to resell in my flea market booth...
i already have that *i wanna keep them*
feeling :/

i see some of you talking about what you are reading...
and some lamenting that paper reading materials
will soon be gone, leaving us with
only ebooks and ezines...
the trees i know are excited about that. 
i have stockpiled reading materials
which probably 
will not hold my attention in the end...
losing out to YOUR awesome blogs :)

you like my towels? 
i just saw one of those on a blog too and had to 
stare at mine for awhile. 
i love 'em. and you.
over and out until 2011!