Thursday, December 9, 2010

Meet Peregrine Blue

bloggers talk a lot about art inspiration
and how art
in many cases 
"saves" us
much like humor i think...
crafting allows us
an opportunity to 
release pent up things
in a way 
that is healthy and fun!

Peregrine Blue so gets this! 
she inspires me with her amazing art pieces.
this featured item reminds me of so many
of you and i can see it translated in different colors 
and fabrics and mounted in different
ways and locations. 
isn't it wonderful?

please scroll away on Ms. Peregrine's blog 
so you can see and 
do the Oooohhh and Ahhhh thing that i do
when i go there. 

i made it.
i ate it. 
oh my gosh don't do that to me again ;)