Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Snippets of Christmas

i love bringing out my old wintry photos
of children bundled for snow!
i framed one this morning in a 
silver yard sale frame 
with red fabric behind it.

this little vintage green
office item
(pen holder??)
is now a holder for 
wee vintage 
ball ornaments,
sort of like a little tree :)

i miss dressing my own 
little snowbunnies
like this!

remember this when that neighbor overloads the 
circuit and all the lights go out! 

oh, that never happens?

well, what about when the kids break your best
the one old whats-her-name gave you in third grade?
or when someone beats you to the parking space you just 
had your blinkers on to pull into?
or your jeans don't fit 
(i'll take that one)

your turn.  let it out.