Monday, December 6, 2010

Oh by gosh by golly...

take an antique yelloware bowl
fill with apples and oranges,
fresh greenery, 
maple leaves coated in sliver german glass glitter
a vintage chalkboard.
write NOEL on the board.
sit back and 

your family will probably say,
"what the heck is that?"

just kidding.
we must keep things light or we'll get bogged down in the
responsibilities of spinning Christmas magic, right?
speaking of Christmas magic...
you must see TINKER!!!

i bring you today these sets of FLINCH 
whatever that is.
they are awesome vintage numbered things
some blue, some red.
i have two boxes with something like a million 
cards in each.
i am asking $10 a set in original boxes
which includes shipping in the U.S. 
jump on it.
blue light special! 

lest you think i never craft anything...
i made a muslin candycane.
and that's the wrap. 
i'm still counting how many times i hear the song 
"let it snow" 
before Dec. 26th.
the count is up to 7. 
and i'm not so bothered by it anymore...
because it has been snowing here!
how odd,
how rare!
nothing to sled home about though...
just some flakes.