Friday, November 26, 2010

Window Treatment

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with a view like this why would anybody need 
pretty window treatments? 
it normally is a very pretty view
all depending on rainfall which we had none of, 
after the huge flood of may,
then the leaves fell off the trees and there is no color 
at all outside my window now.

i haven't had anything but the pleated shades for years.
once upon a time

could it be?
(isn't that nice-looking fabric???)

why, yes it is!
wait for it...

a valance!

this was a bedskirt (half only) 
which i got at goodwill for
SIX dollars.
all i did was iron it and staple it on.
the length was perfect! 


now who will help me put the crystals on
this chandelier the correct way?
i have a pile of them and a map...
i can't figure it out!!!
and they need washing too.
they've been hanging here for 3 or 4 years.