Saturday, November 6, 2010

She is Cutting-Edge!

Meet Mandi. 
She has coined the term "Thrift Shop Glam". 
This collection below shows what Mandi 
did to refurbish some 
mirrors and frames to make them 
like Anthropologie's ...
(hers are WAY better...)

Vintage Revivals is a blog that 
is all about recycling and remodeling those 
sweet vintage finds we love.  

Are you socks knocked off as mine were? 
Oh, you're right...I was already barefooted, but still. 

That chandelier and those frames are just perfect I think!
You'll see the how-to's on her blog if you want to take the silver off the back of a mirror...she shows you. 
The frames have a glazing technique that she also teaches on her site. 

Give Mandi a big 'ol hug and tell her she rocks. 
I did.