Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I Need You

will you vote for my entry
BHG photo contest :)

this old wooden tray has served me well...
i fill it with lots of nonsense in the center of the table.
sometimes i carry hotdogs and smore's ingredients 
out to the bonfire in the yard
not this year
we have a no-burn rule going now...
i have no telling HOW many photos of this tray and it's contents

thank you! 

mixed bag monday

good monday good friend!
i'm digging out of the household clutter that 
has been the weekend...
t'would not be a good time
to show the house
lucky there are no visitors expected

was that the doorbell?
no. and whew. 

i've layered unfinished projects in many corners here

wonder if the Where Women Create people 
would be likely to want to photograph 
any of it? 
oh sure, the Where Women Meant To Create But Didn't folks would!
Today I am:

1) listening  to her! (playlist...several songs)

2) praying for them

3)thankful for YOU! 

And the water that is miraculously falling out of our parched sky...*squint* yes, water!