Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thursday Chatter

a potpourri of topics unrelated and 

hang on.
(once a blogger told me that it was as if i just threw a 
bunch of words at the screen...
how funny is that?!)

for the shabby office or studio:
grayish/green painted wood
this morning i noticed that my etsy
shop was missing off of my sidebar.
i have no clue where it has been, 
but it is back!
these chippy vintage desk trays
are pretty neat~
they are large enough to fit a stack of
9X11 paper. 

this morning i created my first "treasury" on etsy.
you choose items forming a theme
in a grouping of photos
with links to the sellers.
no code to post here though...
they were so enticing :)
have you done this before? 

i want to thank all my followers as 
i watched the group grow to 100 this week :)
i didn't start the followers thing when it started,
but think i should have...i'm way 

in earth shattering news...
i organized my jewelry 
and makeup yesterday
after a teenager said to me,
"why do you keep your stuff in such a mess?"
now i'm so proud of how it looks,
i keep going in the bathroom to look at it :)

i keep playing with photos of my friend 
bobbie's grandbaby. 
i love her chocolate brown eyes. 
she takes ballet and karate and has a 
doll named baby stella.
this photo is when she was 2....she is now 4.

wee scrapbook page collage that i love.

two of which have already been digested 
by the folks i gave them to.
their children scarred for life. 
they watched. 

what can i say? 
if the women who sat and did all this way back 
 had had internet...
they would have just bought their linens at wal-mart
like the rest of us. 

bless their hearts. 

this little rosy pitcher and the chippy green vase (which coincidentally really goes well with the office trays...)
are very available and waiting for word
as to where they will be shipped. 
but i'll still love you if you only came today to 
read the words i tossed out.
come back!