Friday, October 22, 2010

WHOoo is into the swing of Fall?

linking today with Debra and Joyce

thirty dollars later, (ouch) 
our porch doesn't look as if it is in the sahara or at least the dog days anymore.
what a summer! 
c'mon crisp winds! 
i'll be in the kitchen opening the cans of pumpkin. 
that's where it comes from, right? a can? 

yesterday I played with some really old images and altered the daylights out of them and thought you'd maybe want to use them.
this band of owls would be so cute as a wrap on a styrofoam cup...
other ideas?  bracelets? (after laminating)

a little notepad? place a sepia or b&w photo in the black rectangle for a party favor. 

i like how that second guy rolled his eyes up.
checking to make sure chocolate was on the list.
i do that too. 

let me know if you use any of these, cuz i want to see what you did! 
you are so clever. ;)