Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Waxing Nostalgic

happy white wednesday and tablescape thursday~ from the kentucky/tennessee border!

lots of white blog posts to see at Faded Charm as well as tablescapes to see at Between Naps on the Porch (not until thurs.)

playing with my vintage toys always makes me happy
taking pictures of them adds to the fun
having you stop by is awesome! 

let's talk about our grandmothers today, can we?

mine were beulah marie and janet (pronounced jah-NET)
the kitchen was their operation station!
both whipping out southern favorites such as
chocolate meringue pie
(now there's some white to remember!)
and biscuits 
which were hand mixed in a wooden bowl
the dough bowl :) 

one was a quilter and the other a crocheter
and knitter
one lost her husband early on and raised three kids in the depression
the other, with my grandfather, raised seven kids
two women i'm so thankful for and the 
legacy of strength 
they left us youngin's 

i coveted the hoosier cabinet in one's basement
filled with little jars of odds and ends 
that might come in handy some day
don't part with anything!
use it up and wash it out

fruit, they always talked about was so rare as it came from way down south and there weren't semi-trucks bringing it in
this pic is from an art print I have
I love the oranges wrapped in wax paper

my modern day twist with a vintage lace placemat
cozy orange trucked right in to my
soooo romantic, 
don't you think?