Monday, October 18, 2010

Good Monday!

I'm off to the market to buy a fat pig. 
And a loaf of bread probably. 
I left a paper on the counter this a.m. with a spot
for each family member to write their requests from the store. 
Bananas is on there twice.
I read that Wal-Mart's number one seller worldwide is bananas. 
That's a lot of potassium! 
The other items on our list?
A laptop. 
(yeah, riiiight!)
Sunny D (yuck)
lunchables (can't we cut the ham and cheese in our own shapes?)
fruit roll-ups
Chunky stuff. 
Maybe you can assist me with that one! ? 

I might try to recreate this look on the porch too. 
I really want you all to come visit! 
Wait if you will a couple of hours. 
We'll have bananas by then...