Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday For Real

I first titled this post, My Saturday!
Our boys are on Fall break and we slept late. 
It tricks the system into thinking it will be a special "off" day.
And that fun things are in order. 
It is 90 degrees outside today. 
And the kitchen is warming up.

 I'm making Pain au Chocolat
...tap, tap, tap...
this is going to be worth the wait I know! 

Lots of rising and rolling and rising going on in the kitchen...
you know what I did?
I opened my favorite cookbook and decided to make whatever I landed on :) 
We stayed in the inn on the cover on our honeymoon, in 1989. 
Wonder if it's still standing? 

Great niece Eden came and adopted Dinah. 
I got camera happy with the two of them.
Eden is wearing the Goodwill tap shoes I got her. 

Eden got happy too!
I remember getting a kitten for Christmas once. 
Daddy walked in with it in his hands and it had a huge red bow around it's neck. 
He sat it down and it darted under the furniture and I didn't find it again for hours! 
"Kitty" was such a wonderful friend for several years though, after coming out. 
Come get a flaky pastry filled with chocolate if you are in the neighborhood!