Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Have you met Orangette?  She has a book which looks mighty enticing!  Mrs. Molly owns a restaurant in Seattle called Delancey
Has anyone been there? 

My oldest son intends to open a fine restaurant someday...instead of doing Pre-Calculus....he is a foodie who prefers the plate to show up in front of him rather than place it there himself...

Mrs. Clarice Fox-Hughes has a new book out as well. 
I think these both would be nice gifts or something to hoard away in a corner with if you can find time and...

a corner. 

One more book....(I've been snooping in Mrs. Stagg's sidebar at her reads LOL)

We remember Nancy Lindemeyer as the editor of Victoria magazine. 
One reader says this:

Nancy Lindemeyer has written a beautiful tribute to the people and memories that she has
"packed" for her life's journey. Her sweet remembrances of her grandmother are especially
touching. This book is about cherishing what is truly important in life and making connections
with people. The author's memories provided her the base, the strength, to accomplish her
dreams in life. Lots of people have these strengths to draw on -- Lindemeyer reminds us to
 actually do so.

Speaking of a woman's journey...
ohhhh I'd love to go on this trip with Kaari Meng and friends to the Chateau Dumas to eat, craft and shop!   
Eighteen lucky ladies will fit on this trip...

Could the rest of us plan a French staycation? 

This just in!
The rarest french find I'd say. 
Our staycation has it's first stop, you guess? Thank you Simply Chateau for this hot news item!