Friday, October 1, 2010

Photographing Lovely

Giveaway winner is Rachel Noelle !!! 
Congrats "Rach" :) 
Gloves and hanky going out to you soon!

A precious neighbor with 5 siblings! 
I'll have to borrow each of them and do this again :) and then the whole group. 

Digital photography is the most wonderful hobby, isn't it? 

*Friday Petit Flea*and Giveaway*


linking with a party Aujour'dui 

All these items I'll gladly keep in my home but am offering up in case a vintage-loving friend needs one of them :)
I'll send a paypal if anyone wants anything to your email.

Le Chateau de Chaumont is a French castle at Chaumont-

sur-Loire, Lori-et-Cher, France

This domed glass plaque is wonderfully vintage and has 

german glass glitter inside. 

~$14 includes ship in US~

My doll dress is a sweet find. 
I don't know my fabrics but this is a good one LOL. Nice little buttons and snaps on the back. 
~$12 shipped in the US~Sold thanks!

The blogfather refuses to let me upload anymore pics. 
You see two pairs of gloves...and a hanky?

These will be our giveaway :) 
Leave a comment and I'll draw a name when I get up in the a.m. (that would be Saturday :)

Three little lids I intend to frame (no glass) in a tiny row to hang in the kitchen unless one of you is dying to own them! 
One is transferware, my favorite one :) 
~12$ shipped in the US~

This little church under glass in a round plaque called my name yesterday. Plop, into the buggy...goin' home with me! 
Very vintage and hangable little chain. 
(am I getting on your nerves?)
$9 shipped in the US~

Thanks for looking. I feel like one of those dice players who sling the dice out on the floor and says "Baby needs a new pair of shoes"!!!
(maybe I've watched a little too much t.v.???)