Thursday, September 30, 2010

**Doll Quilt Show**


Sorry about the work I've put you through LOL.
I had fun actually. 

I made two doll quilts because someday...
there is something I want to play with my granddaughters.
I'll need a stack to play Princess and the Pea!

Four so far! 

Haha I did not choose this but need to hurry  so it will stay...

Ooo forgot about this set I tried to sell once...just found the photo...
Cute, huh? 

This is the antique little girl who knows allll about quilting :)
She kind of showed me.
I call her "Mama".

This is one of her antique ones.

This one I made from the Goodwill pants! 
Thanks for participating!!! 
Love ya!