Saturday, September 25, 2010

Preparations,Plans,Ideas OH MY!

Look what I found in my pants!

Well not my pants but somebody's anyway...
I bought three pairs at Goodwill for 99 cents and this Audra tag was in one pair. 
We have a cousin named Audra and so I cut the tag out and made her a bookmark. Kinda strange, right? 
You will soon see other things I made from the pants...stay in touch if you are curious!
(I stretch a mean dollar!)

I'm planning a birthday tea for a friend and thought you might like 
to use my invite for your own use :)  Click and save.

This joyful guy was in a pile of "stuff" I got at a yard sale. 

Crumbly as he was, I didn't want to put him in my cereal or trash. 
I put duct tape on the back to keep him intact and then trimmed his edges and framed him for the tea :) 

He will soon hang on a tree trunk in our woods. 

(I had many more photos to show you but the blogfather says NO. They've been doing lots of maintenance around here lately...)

Tell me, 
what would you like to be served if you were at the tea? 
(I don't do creepy cooking is scary enough as is)