Tuesday, September 21, 2010

We're probably all in trouble...

Welcome to the Auntie Bliss installment of White Wednesday ~brought to us by Kathleen of Faded Charm!
(posted on Tuesday for good measure)

News articles from 1914 investigate what we are doing.  Rather, what our great-grandmothers were doing. 
We have since straightened out the problem. 
Haven't we? 

It seems we aren't satisfied wearing the sackcloth we had on when our husbands first met us. 
We've been adding wings to our costume, thereby making us feel more like fairys than the housekeepers we are. 

Or is our fun actually an investment that insures a content wifey and a hot meal on the table? 
Flitting through our daily bed making and potty scrubbing, happy as a lark...we don't feel so guilt-ridden when we long last droop into a hammock chair (oh why did  I pass up two of these Saturday at a sale?)

See how we are? 
Much like our grandmothers I suppose! 

How funny that our grandmother's things are what we so desire to have today!
 Us vintage loving girls...

I don't know how our grandmothers would feel about us dragging their tablecloths into the woods for a party...that probably is another magazine write-up for another day.