Saturday, September 18, 2010

Saturday nite

I swear...did you just say "night" or "nite" when you read that? 
Well it doesn't matter. 

You are cool in my book! 

I don't have a picture to share...but I have made myself a new banner :) 
Do you know why I did it???

PEER pressure. 

I'm glad y'all aren't smoking something because I am so impressionable! 
I decided my blog didn't fit in with the others anymore!!! 
Now don't go and tell me it still doesn't or I might tuck my tail and run and hide or something. 

Our town had yard sales today out the wazoo and I loaded up with goods of the vintage variety. Which got me to thinking...

(I know.)
Well I'm going to open an etsy again and list my old things. I didn't think they needed to go into my flea market booth. They deserve a worldwide stage! So call your husband and your cousins...
and tell them it is coming. 
Maybe I'll get the pics to roll off my camera. Technical difficulties reign today. 
USB won't do it...card reader won't do it. ??? I'm too lazy to drive to Sam's or Wal-Mart. 

I have to tell you one thing I got today that I'm "stoked" about LOL, is a really old recipe box with original graphics and all the cards inside...I've spotted one recipe for some Butter Taffy that has vinegar in it. I had some from a craft show once and it knocked my socks off! 

Well. I have to pull the frozen Lasagna out of the oven because the natives are getting restless! Nite y'all :)