Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hello Neighbor!

"Ain't no sunshine when your gone" 

It is overcast and dark outside here today. 
My five dollar sunflowers and two dollar Haegar bowl from a recent yard sale are keeping my clouds away. 

I have GOT to show you a chicken coop in case you haven't discovered this blog post for yourself. AMAZING!! 
FANCY FARMGIRL :) What a great name! 

We have a coop. 

So. I had it on my mind to get some of the striped stockings you know, like people in witch costumes wear...half because I'm childish and half because...okay all because I'm childish. I have not worn a costume in my life I don't think but I'm thinking about it for an upcoming party. 

But I won't be a witch. 

Target and Wal-Mart are really putting out some nice items these days...I found my stockings and they said "one size fits most". That always scares me. Well I'm 5'8" and they stopped mid thigh. I guess I'm glad I'm not "most". 

We have a bonfire to go to tonight of the Homecoming weekend type. 

Grab yourself a Little Debbie football as you head out.
Those pumpkin and spice Jack-O-Lanterns are yummy too. 

Get one of those.