Wednesday, September 15, 2010

From Kentucky With Love

I can't stop looking at this massive pile of corn near our business. 
There is 4 million dollars worth of it (all for the purpose of feeding cattle) in this pile. It is being covered with plastic...kind of a mega Saran wrap, I guess. 

I dunno this reminds me of the "projectile" stuff my toddlers used to have. 

I'm gonna borrow this machine for my laundry when they are done. 

I put our growing pooping kittens out of the garage for the night and gave them a plastic box for shelter.

I didn't know they'd entertain a guest. 

I didn't put the clean sheets on and there were no cute soaps.

"Mama can we keep him???"

Oh no.
Do not turn your back on me, Shirley Temple.