Monday, August 30, 2010

~Petit Flea~

Les puces??? Jocular?
 I'll have to look that up next, maybe I'll google it on YouTube. 
Can you do that even? 
So many questions...
All I know for sure is I bought some things I thought you'd like a shot at ...and

Saucer in lovely french bleu avec roses...
$6 (shipping only if intl. buyer...)

Wee doll sized *wonderful vintage* hanger in the same bleu~$4

Doll hat in original box *oh lordy that's cute!*  $20

This silk ribbon makes me want to dance back in time and attend this event  so very badly!  $12

This jar from the *fixer upper* department here at the Petit Flea...
I think on that sticky part which won't scrub off ...
one could (you, that is...) 
put old lace or a new/old paper label. 
This is a jar for combs, is it? Or straws? 
Multi-purpose. ~$8

Okay, that's it? Did you have fun? 
Let me know if you want more Petit Fleas to happen and they will.

First come, first serve in the comments ...your email address is necessary to get a paypal bill which insures your purchase! 
And I'm not being jocular.